Board Governance

Establishing High-impact Governing Processes 

Association boards not only have a fiduciary responsibility to the organization they serve, they are responsible for the full governance of their association. Good boards need to stay fully aware of the internal and external factors that affect the association’s membership and armed with that knowledge, should develop a strategic focus to drive the association forward. Many boards are often ill-equipped to carry through with this responsibility; either due to strategic skill sets, governance issues or resources. ISAM specializes in helping boards and associations build a strong and effective methodology for governance.

ISAM can provide the necessary elements to support your Board of Directors, but can also serve to establish high-impact governing processes that will shape the culture and optimal performance for ensuring a “great” Board. The best boards work in concert with their management organization.

  • Provides direction (establishing strategic goals and priorities and planning for the future and ensuring a system of accountability)
  • Ensure and protect resources (cash, staff, volunteers and membership)
  • Engagement (understanding members, industry positions, act on behalf of the association and in accordance with the positions of the association)
  • Oversight (Provide for mechanisms of measure and focusing on what is most important to measure, assessing the board’s own performance and that of their management team)