Formal industry representation with other key stakeholders is critical to protect the interests of industry members and promote the core values of this industry segment.
The PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM industry has not come together in a formal forum to be a representative voice of the industry. HBTA Vision To represent the highest standards and values within the healthcare technology community. HBTA Mission HBTA’s mission is to be an invaluable resource for education, information, advocacy and a common voice within the healthcare community
as it relates to the technology offered by practice management and allied systems

Industry Value:
  • Create a single voice to represent the industry with other related stakeholders
  • Opportunity to influence legislation and regulation through written comments and testimony
  • Work closely with key technology stakeholders, such as the Cooperative Exchange, WEDI, HIMSS, CAQH/CORE and related healthcare and healthcare management associations
  • Promote the industry “best practices” with associations representing members that are users of PMS technology
  • Craft certification programs and “best practices” by industry members, not outside stakeholders
  • Ability to work closely with the commercial insurance industry and CMS
  • Lead the movement of effective administrative simplification efforts
  • Lead the healthcare industry with best ways to integrate technology into payment models
Member Value:
  • Education
  • Adoption of “best practices”
  • Collective voice for setting standards (strength in numbers)
  • Stay connected to legislation and regulation
  • Participate in guiding the appropriate development of rules and regulations
  • Information resource on rules, processes and regulations that affect the PMS industry
  • An industry publication
  • A resource to get answers to questions
  • Member message boards and communications
  • Networking